Daily Memo DFY service

We will write and send Daily Memos to your audience so that you can increase sales WHILE testing 365 new marketing angles per year

What is a Daily Memo?

A Daily Memo does the unsexy and tedious job of following up with your audience without annoying them. They provide intrigue and insight via stories, metaphors, and clever angles.

Think of it as 325 words per day that allow you to increase the frequency with which people see your offers.

Here’s why you want this


Get a consistent set of eye balls to your offer every single day

Frequency and exposure = sales. There is no countdown timer or funnel in the world that can beat “frequently showing up” in front of your audience. The easiest way to double your business is to double your follow up.


Frequency + value = trust

We don’t write for “the click”. We write with the aim to deliver insight and progress. That’s true value. No gimmicks, tricks, or shite. Your audience gets treated with respect. If you turn up with genuine value, and do so frequently, you build trust.


Build a solid brand, but with direct response results

Get the benefits of branding with an instant increase in sales. Each time someone reads one of our Daily Memos it builds a little more trust, authority, and respect for your brand. It also influences them to buy your products. There is a carefully constructed call to action  that peaks their interest every day.


Test 30 new marketing angles every month

Every single memo is a data point. When you send out new stories/angles/metaphors you collect data on what works. Take the top 10% of memos and turn them into ads, social media posts, and YouTube videos. You can even expand memos into sales letters, webinars, VSLs, launches, and lead magnets.

There is no other way in the world to test 365 new marketing angles WHILE making more sales in the process.


From a “marketing business” to an operations business

Since you are testing 365 angles per year… you don’t have to hustle to come up with hooks, funnel ideas, or other creativity draining tasks. You don’t have to throw another hail mary in order to come up with something that sticks.

Your marketing will finally be dictated by systems and procedures. You have essentially outsourced the burden of creativity. You have graduated from being marketing driven to being operations driven. This has the added benefit of making your business much easier to sell.


Get access to data from multiple niches

People within your niche simply regurgitate the same messages to their audience. As soon as you have a hook that works, your competitors are going to be using it within a few weeks. Ever wondered why things that used to work stop all of the sudden?

True, the 365 Daily Memos each year will keep you well ahead of that curve, but what if you had access to 3,650 new stories/angles/hooks/metaphors every year? That’s what we bring to the table. We’ll see what’s resonating across multiple industries and use that data to write you even better memos.

It’s a networking effect. Each new business that retains us, helps us to increase the amount of data we collect. It is kind of like a high end daily mastermind.


Your customer avatar will constantly be refined.

What makes them tick?

What motivates them?

What makes them take action?

What grabs their attention?

How do they think?

What do they love and what do they hate?


We’ll do this for you for free

We’ll write and send 10 Daily Memos to your audience for free. Think of it as a coffee date or a test. The idea is to make enough money to cover our monthly fee for the foreseeable future.

Also, you get to see whether or not you like working with us without risk.

Proof it works

CASE STUDY: 10x Increase In ROAS

We’ll write and send 10 Daily Memos to your audience for free. Think of it as a coffee date or a test. The idea is to make enough money to cover our monthly fee for the foreseeable future.

Also, you get to see whether or not you like working with us without risk.

However, this does not tell the whole story. This business actually got rid of all other campaigns and automations.

100% of high ticket buyers opened and clicked on Daily Memo emails before buying.

Google and Facebook ads lost money within the first 24 hours of someone clicking on the ad. However, the follow up managed to make a $914k profit in 6 months.

Overall ROAS was 5.27. That’s a tenfold increase from the 0.52 generated by the ads themselves.

CASE STUDY: 37 High Ticket Sales Appointments From The First Daily Memo

This is probably my favorite case study. We blew out this client’s calendar with the very first email. They had to bring on 3 additional sales people and stopped advertising for a month.

In total, our Daily Memo delivered 276 trackable sales appointments for their $5k group coaching program. We were sent this image of their calendar after the first week.

How to get started

We like to keep things simple. Our high success rate is due to only working for clients we know we can help.

We would like to do a test. We’ll write and send 10 Daily Memos to your list and monitor the results. You’ll be able to see what it’s like working with us without taking any financial risk.

Book a demo with us

To kick things off, let’s walk you through our entire system, some case studies, and a general behind the scenes look.