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The MemoMen

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Imagine opening up your stripe account and seeing this...

People are pouring out from all corners to hand you fat stacks of cash.


All because you are using this totally new and oddly unique strategy to reel them in.


See what I did there?


I lied.


OK, yes that is my Stripe account and those are real high-ticket sales for intangible online products.




The 'strategy' I used isn't new.


In fact... it is old. As old as marketing itself.


The problem is, that saying that something is old isn't sexy. It doesn't make sales.


People always want something new. Even to their own detriment.


I used to use countdown timers, strict deadlines, evergreen webinars, product launch funnels...

I tried all the gimmicks out there.


In the end... you know what helped make all those high-ticket sales?


A daily memo of 325 words.




Because familiarity breeds trust.


Trust = sales.


The question is.


How do you show up every single day and turn a 325-word memo into trust?


Without burning out...


Without running out of ideas...


And turn those 325 words per day into $100,000 per month or more?


That's what I am here for.


Stay tuned.


-The MemoMen