The key to 10k sales

The MemoMen

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On October 9th, 2021 my baby girl was born.


It was the most stressful and happiest day of my life.


Seeing my wife go through all that pain made me feel useless.


Seeing my baby's head pop out gave me a rush of emotions and I burst into tears.

I felt excited. Elated. Scared.


The doctor said something to the nurse... I couldn't hear him.


The nurse grabbed our baby girl from my wife and rushed off with her.


"We just need to check something. I think she swallowed some of the amniotic fluid", the doctor said.


I immediately followed the nurse as the doctor said that. My wife couldn't come.


I was led to another room where they kept pushing these tiny little pipes down her tiny throat to suck fluid out from her lungs.


My heart sank.


I felt sick.


I had to calm myself down. But I couldn't.


Another nurse came and told me that everything should be fine.


Long story short... she had to be monitored and couldn't be returned to us.


Because of a Covid protocol we weren't even allowed in that part of the hospital.


My wife and I sat in the hospital room for 5 hours.


It was agony.


Then, finally... the nurse came in with our baby girl.


She was healthy and the fever had disappeared. The fluid has been removed.


My wife's face was one of utter joy. Just pure happiness. I had never seen her like this.


We sat there together, the three of us.... just staring at each other.


That was the happiest moment of my life.


I want you to think about your happiest moment.


There is this mysterious common thread that makes both our moments the same - even if yours has nothing to do with kids.


In fact, if you put a million people in a room and looked at all their happiest moments... you'll find one thread that links them all.


That thread is called progress.


As humans, whenever we make progress... we feel happy.


Making a little bit of progress will make you that little bit happier.


Making a lot of progress will make you a lot happier.


What if, in business... our aim was to help people make progress at all times?


What if you genuinely helped someone take a step forward in their life?


You will open up a whole other door to wealth and sales.


Not because of trickery. Not because you pulled the wool over their eyes.




Because you genuinely helped them.


This is one of the main reasons why the 325-word daily memos are so powerful and profitable.


They are designed to help the audience make progress, even if it's just a little.


Do this consistently and you'll be seen as a trusted authority in your space.


It is the key to these big $10,000 sales you see below:

Turn up every day.


Provide progress.


Forget long pitch-infested webinars.


Forget countdown timers and fake scarcity.


Forget creating a 'pressure cooker' in your product launches.


Forget complex funnels.


-The MemoMen


P.S. I am busy putting a training together on exactly how to write 325 words per day so that you can tap into this incredible method of selling expensive stuff.


P.P.S. Here's a picture of my little girl. Super happy and healthy :-)