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The MemoMen

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Have you ever seen $100,000 stream into your business in ten days?


How about in the 10 days over Christmas and New Year?


And what if all of those sales were between $4,000 and $10,000 WITHOUT taking sales calls?


That's what happened here. This is a snapshot of my Samcart account over that time:

I'm almost done with a 20-minute training video where I go through the entire case study of how we did this.


Look out for it next week Tuesday or Wednesday.


I'll give you the quick and skinny in today's memo.


It all starts with this formula.

Part 1: The messaging - make sure you help people make some kind of progress towards their goal.


Part 2: Frequency - deliver that progress to them as often as you can. I like to do it daily.


Part 3: Offer - Let them see what you are selling and how it can help them make even more progress.


Don't hide behind massive sales pitches.


People love buying stuff.


And if they aren't buying your stuff then it's either a lack of trust... or the timing is not right.

By showing up every day you can build that trust.


By showing up every day... when they are ready to buy... they will buy from you.

Today is a short one.


I got to go out with my family.


You'll hear from me again on Monday.


Have a great weekend!


The MemoMen


P.S. I got loads of responses to my email yesterday. I haven't had a chance to reply to them all. I haven't forgotten about you, don't worry.