Memo Men Academy

The MemoMen Academy is a 4-part training program that shows intermediate-to-advanced copywriters how to:

Lock in $10-15k a month in recurring income

Become impossible to fire by only solving client’s annoying headache

Radically simplify their deliverable so they work 2-3 hrs a day or less

Get clients who trust and respect them (and don’t treat them like a “vendor”)

When we first decided to try this model, we based it on 2 simple ideas:


“The money is in the list”


Most people suck at emailing their list

Not only do they suck at it, but they find it boring and tedious and would love for someone else to do it for them.

The first time we did this for a client, we increased sales so much we basically became “unfireable” within the first 30 days.

Within 4 months we’d driven them from shaky $60-$100k months to steady $185-200k months.

Since the emails are so effective, and because they need a new one every day, they now can’t get rid of us. We are an irreplaceable part of a 7-figure machine.

The second time we tried it, we filled up a whole week on our client’s high-ticket appointment calendar with the very first email we sent to their list.

Also, the method we use becomes more effective the longer you do it.

It’s the opposite of a marketing gimmick that only works for a short time and then pisses off all the customers.

This is a highly leveraged area for copywriters to insert themselves.

If a client has an email list of 50,000 people… the right email can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

This makes it a no-brainer for them to pay you $3-7k a month to do it for them. It’s a HUGE load off their plate.

And you can write them in 15-30 minutes.

This is a lot easier than delivering elaborate sales presentations and complicated autoresponder funnels on tight deadlines…

(As a matter of fact, just writing this sales page has given me at least 4 headaches so far, and I am barely a page and a half in.)

It’s also a lot easier to find clients, because you are offering a very specific solution for a very specific problem.

The MemoMen Academy exists to show you everything we do, how you can do the same, and give you the support you need along the way.

It has 4 major components:

#1: Success foundations

Writing effective copy is about understanding your prospect’s fears and desires… what drives them and what holds them back…

… and then positioning your offer as a way to achieve those desires and alleviate those fears.

Now: You can also use the same process to take apart your own fears and desires…

… the forces that drive you and hold you back… and push those same internal switches to generate forward momentum toward your goals.

Most courses will have a 45-minute “mindset module” to tell you all the ways you gotta think to be successful…

We will show you how to deconstruct your entire personality — breaking apart your internal structure of thinking, feeling, and behaving — and using THAT as a model to understand sales & marketing at a level you’ve never seen before.

As a side-effect, doing this also gives you not one but four pretty cool superpowers:

Jazz hands

You can now write copy like a jazz musician, with no need to rely on templates and formulas.

Offer X-Ray vision

You can now take a quick glance at any offer, funnel, or business, and instantly see WHY it’s working or not working, and how to fix it.

Confident competence

You now feel confident in your skills and the value you bring to clients. “Impostor syndrome” has no meaning anymore.

Endless motivation

When you find your own “internal switches” that stop you from taking action, you can learn how to push your own buttons to trigger massive action.

#2: Execution maps

In this section you will see our model that allows copywriters to quickly get to $10-15k a month by writing simple 300-400 word “daily memos.”

Execution Map #1

The systems and processes we use to generate ideas, write emails, and deliver them to clients.

Execution Map #2

How to package and sell a high ticket “Done-For-You” service for hefty recurring fees instead of being a “hired gun freelancer.”

Execution Map #3

The systems and processes we use to find, close, and onboard new clients.

Weekly Client-Getting Clinic

Our co-founder Zack is personally responsible for over $50mm in high ticket sales, and has trained sales teams for three 7-figure companies in the last 6 months alone.

In our weekly clinic, he will work with you on all aspects of sales and client-getting.

You will also get:

9-point checklist for writing “daily memos”

Plug-n-play creativity frameworks we use to generate ideas on demand

Swipe file vault (including the exact emails that took our client from $80k to $175k a month)

These execution maps are designed to give you 2 things:

First, income stability, so you can stop wasting energy on daily financial worries. From a solid foundation you can then easily scale your income as you choose.

Second, you’ll have the time and freedom to focus on your passions, hatch evil schemes, and whatever else you like to do.

#3: Community + Mentorship

When we started out as fledgling copywriters 12 years ago, this is what we would have paid an arm and a leg for.

We asked ourselves what we would have really wanted when we were struggling in the past…

And the answer was obvious:

To simply know that someone else cares about our success.

To feel that we’re not just flailing in the dark and hoping for the best.

That someone’s got our back.

Here is what’s included:



Weekly live session on Zoom with our coaches where you can ask questions, get your copy critiqued, and get specific advice for making your next move.



Hang out with like-minded people on the same journey.



Get an accountability partner to stay on track with your vision.



24-hour support from the community or chat directly with our coaches

#4: The Gauntlet (Certification)

We will not let you run off to get clients unless we know your skills are solid.

Here’s the reality:

Getting your copy critiqued, rewriting it based on feedback from a pro, and repeating that over and over again is the fastest way to become a truly lethal writer.

This is not for the faint of heart. It’s a painful process.

You will also improve your copy skills more in 30 days than you probably have in the last 5 years.

It’s the only way we know to get REALLY GOOD REALLY FAST.

Once you have completed the basic training, we will invite you to begin The Gauntlet.

It’s a 30 day process where you work intimately with us to fine-tune the nuances in your writing style, voice, flow, and storytelling skills.

When we are through with you, it will be impossible for you NOT to have outrageous confidence in your skills.

That’s the rock-solid confidence that will shine through every time you talk to a client, and in everything you write, so people immediately know they are dealing with a professional.

Once you are done, you will also be sitting on a pile of marketing assets we will then use to get clients for you.

We’ll also send you a certificate… and even a cool T-Shirt.

But the true value is the skillset you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

How to get started

To get started, click below to book your enrollment call with our co-founder, Zack:

If you have any questions, shoot Pete an email at